Our Story

About Kim

Kim on an island in PanamaAs a High-definition Celebrity Makeup Artist & Skin Care Specialist for many years, Kim Borio has made a career out of transforming a variety of average faces with a wide array of skin types into glamorous camera-ready personalities. Kim would always ask the celebrities, “What do you put on your skin?” Many of them would say “petroleum-based” products. It’s a passé beauty secret that’s been used by celebrities since the beginning of Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe was notorious for it.

She decided to find a way to create a cutting edge, safe and effective ointment-like product that was petroleum free, with the purest, highest quality, natural and organic ingredients that acted like a cream. It needed to be breathable and non-clogging to pores. Kim wanted her creation to be Vegan, which meant beeswax free, natural and organic, but most importantly, safe and effective.

The Discovery

GLYCELENE™ became a real product after Kim visited environments and diverse cultures in over 60 countries around the globe. Kim documented her findings of natural and homeopathic remedies to treat dry and exposed skin and created, “Beauty Secrets From Around The World”. This was the inception of Glycelene™.

Kim wanted to see how different cultures used all natural solutions to skin aging and health problems with organic herbal plants. She researched ancient civilizations’ beauty routines with monks, healers, indigenous natives and locals.

Kim took her research to scientists and professors from all fields to hear their point of view and combined everything she learned from the ancient world and the modern world, developing her philosophy on skin care. It occurred to her that some of the best results on and off the camera to enhance beautiful skin came from natural and safe products. The elegant simplicity of Glycelene™ is pure magic.

The Team

Mining for natural mineralsAlong the way, Kim met Eric, a Biologist & Innovative R&D cosmetic chemist, with over 17 years of experience in the field of beauty product development. Eric grew up in the wilderness near the Jersey shore, and his mother was a chemist in a laboratory where personal care and pharmaceutical products were made. Eric was raised in this immersive environment and has been influenced by it throughout his life. He used his love of nature and science and his innate ability to learn to earn an education from a top East Coast university in Biology and Chemistry. Nearly fifteen years ago, he took everything he had learned and moved to Los Angeles to be a Research and Development Chemist is personal care and cosmetics because he knew that the West Coast of the United States was and is on the forefront of the beauty industry. Eric worked for some of the world’s biggest brands developing products used around the world, honing his skills to become one of the pre-eminent innovative chemists in the industry. Together, they understood the need for creating a cutting-edge natural product line and continue to this day to explore and hunt for the next big thing.

Kim’s good friend and now business partner, Jacqui in the UK, was on the same page. They decided to create Borio Laboratories near the shores in Dana Point, Ca., where Kim & Eric could research & develop high-end, Luxury-Natural products in the United States. They wanted to have control of everything that went into the products to ensure all of the ingredients used were of the highest quality. The Borio Team is committed to producing a beauty line that sets a new standard for natural beauty.