Glycelene in INSTYLE Article BTS of The Bachelorette

When you’re the Bachelorette it goes without saying that you’ll shed a tear or two throughout the course of a season. But thanks to high-definition TV and ABC’s penchant for a close-up, there’s no room for a true raccoon-eyed post-breakup sob.

Kufrin says that getting her makeup done professionally every day for the show was an eye-opening experience, no pun intended.

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Working with makeup artist Gina Modica, “I realized I was doing everything wrong,” she says, laughing. “More than anything else though, I learned the correct order that you should apply certain products.” That includes skincare too, which becomes much more important when you need to look camera-ready 24/7.

“I couldn’t live without a good moisturizer to put on my face in the morning and at night,” says Kufrin, who used Glycelene organic skincare products ahead of tapings. For the premiere episode, Modica also used Glycelene’s Opalescent Eye Serum ($85; on Kufrin, which contains cooling cucumber that acts as a soothing anti-inflammatory.

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