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The Eczema Ointment by GLYCELENE

What is The Eczema Ointment?

It is the first 100% natural, organic, and vegan healing
ointment made with the ancient grain, Sorghum. Sorghum is a
powerful and effective botanical which helps reduce skin

The Eczema Ointment safely and effectively treats eczema and other skin conditions such as allergy prone skin, psoriasis & flaky patchy skin.

How does this ointment work?

The ointment helps protect the skin by reducing inflammation
and irritation while creating a calming and healing effect.

How is this ointment different than others that claim to do the same thing?

The Eczema Ointment is different due to its specialized proprietary blend of olive oil, Sorghum, Moroccan chamomile oil, Colloidal oat & Tea tree which reduces histamine levels, effectively creating the same result as Cortisone but without the harsh chemicals. It is 100% natural, organic, and vegan.

How do I use?

Generously applied on the skin by utilizing either a light patting motion or rubbing it in more thoroughly (depending upon the preference of the individual).

Who will benefit from the this Ointment?

This is ideal for anyone suffering from eczema as well as people suffering from irritated, extremely dry, sensitive, inflamed, over reactive, and/or fragile skin.

6 reviews for ECZEMA OINTMENT

  1. Dana W

    This product is legit. I picked it up at Naimies for my dad. He has suffered with Eczema for 20+ yrs. Im an aesthetician and have bought him MANY products to try over the years. He sent me incredible before & after photos…within a matter of weeks his eczema was 80% gone. Im still in shock on how well this ointment worked! Wish I could share the B&A on my review so the rest of the world can see how well it worked 😉

    • Kim Borio

      Thank you so much for telling us about your dad’s success with The Eczema Ointment! I completely understand as this Ointment is the only thing that has worked for my life-long Eczema flare-ups! Please send any Before and Afters to and I can post them! Very much appreciated!

  2. Kayla Madrid

    Glycelene! I thank you for all the amazing results and turn-outs of my baby boy. I struggled a year and a half with my baby boy. Sleepless nights, breakouts, and depression because eczema can cause all of these side effects, believe it or not. My baby would cry every night due to irritation and breakouts. Doctors would only prescribe steroids but steroids can only do so much. They can help a wound for a day but the side effect was that the skin was not really getting any thick at all. I went through many over the counter moisturizers and ointments but nothing helped. Up until a couple of months ago I came across Glycelene-The Eczema Ointment, an organic AMAZING product. My son has amazing skin now! His skin is beautiful and clear skin like a baby should have. He smiles more, sleeps throughout the night and gets very happy when he sees himself in the mirror. It makes me very very happy to see his beautiful smile. I cannot find ways to thank Kim Borio for her amazing product, Glycelene and Glisten Body Balm ❤️ Both of these products helped my baby so much.

  3. Brittani

    This ointment is amazing! I have eczema and psoriasis and this has helped me so much. Some flare ups I’ve had will clear up overnight with an application of the eczema ointment. There’s so many pills that claim to help these skin issues with crazy side effects but I’ll never use them since I found Glycelene. I love that it is an all natural solution to my skin issues. Seriously, great stuff!

  4. Cynde

    this product is amazing do you have any face wash or body wash for eczema?

    • Glycelene Admin

      Thank you for your question and compliment! I use Luxury Facial Cleanser which is excellent for cleansing, calming and hydration. We don’t have a body wash yet. Great idea though.

  5. pooterville69 (verified owner)

    This is only day 3 of applying ointment since purchase, & already seeing dramatic improvements!! So very pleased, can’t wait few more days to see more results! 🤩🤩

  6. Lori Baskin (verified owner)

    I ordered this a few months ago, after learning about Glycelene via the Bachelorette. I can’t say enough good things about this product. My psoriasis on my forearms has literally almost cleared up. I use this twice daily religiously and I’ll never be without it again. I also ordered the beauty ointment (lavender), lip remedy AND rejuvenation creme. Let’s just say nothing disappoints and I am now going to order the skincare. Can’t wait to receive it!

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