Golden Ice Globes


A Glycelene Golden Ice Globe massage eliminates redness and calms skin after waxing,extractions, electrolysis, peels and microdermabrasion.

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Product Description

Golden Ice Globes

The cold glass and golden minerals stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate skin to give a more firm and de-puffed appearance.  This chilled massage offers an excellent treatment for sinus pain, puffy eyes, headaches or migraines. Glycelene Golden Ice Globes stimulate nerves to exercise facial muscles, eliminate fine lines, tighten skin and help reduce large pores.

Use Glycelene Golden Ice Globes with Skin Supplement-Luxury Face Oil or Eye Repair Oil by applying a rolling motion over forehead, orbital eye area, cheeks and neck for 2 to 7 minutes. Store Glycelene Golden Ice Globes in the freezer, refrigerator, ice bowl or cool water. Clean Glycelene Golden Ice Globes with alcohol and dry them before massaging. Excellent for facial and neck massage as well as back, hand, foot, etc.


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