Neroli Nectar Vitamin C Ester


10 ML


This beautiful and rare antioxidant concentrate is an aromatic blend of precious oils and extracts. This pure and potent Nectar provides instant absorption of the most stable form of Vitamin C to provide UVA/UVB protection, Collagen protection and DNA protection which results in a more even skin tone. The French Neroli Essential Oil promotes the regeneration of new cells and stimulates the health of those already present. The aroma of Neroli gives relief from anxiety and depression. In other words, it relaxes the body and soul.

Product Description


Instant Vitamin and anti-oxidant boost that can be used alone or added to any product. Neroli Nectar can also be applied before makeup application or Sunscreen

• STABLE, Oil-Soluble Vitamin C, E, B-Complex, Copper, Zinc
• Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkle
• Brightening
• UV Protection
• DNA Protection
• Collagen Synthesis
• Collagen Protection
• Maintains the right moisture and oil balance in the skin

For best results, use AM on clean skin

In the palm of your h and, add 3-6 drops of Neroli Nectar and apply on to face, let absorb. For an intense hydration treatment; Add 3-6 drops mixed with Skin Supplement Luxury Face Oil and apply onto skin. Avoid Eye Area.


100% VEGAN, NATURAL, Made with Organic and Wildcrafted ingredients. Handcrafted in California


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