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Glycelene Is The Skincare Secret on The Bachelorette

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4708384/The-Bachelorette-s-Rachel-Lindsay-s-Beauty-Secrets.html "Her go-to regimen includes the brand's Beauty Serum, Opalescent Eye Serum and the Rejuvenation Creme. "
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Best Vegan Body Creams | Glycelene featured in Eluxe Magazine

2. Glycelene Cactus Flower Lotion If you’re looking for a lotion that also feels like a treat for the body then you’re going to rave about Glycelene’s Chardonnay Body Butter. Not…
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Cleansing Water – A Behind the Scenes Beauty Secret

Have you ever wondered how celebrities and models can go through so many makeup looks in one show? The Answer... Cleansing Water. As a makeup artist working behind the scenes…
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